About us

Our Philosophy

We create luxurious quirky , off the beaten track home furnishings of spaces, if you love unique one off pieces then our beautiful products are a must have. Our products are handmade  in England a fact that we are proud off. Our inspiration is to offer our unique pieces to embellish your home and beautiful spaces by show casing the art of using unusual fabrics to edify your space.

Our Story

We are a Husband and Wife team assisted by our children. We draw inspiration from all types of fabric and art to bring to life and breathe soul into our products.

Our name : Our Children came up with our name “OGGVADA” - it simply means great beautiful things. Our son was 4 when he first said Og-va - da we asked what he meant and he said ‘beautiful’ we kept the name ever since.

We have always been keen collectors of unique pieces and our home is a colourful den of beautiful soft furnishing we have created by hand over the years. We have always had offers from friends and family to create unique pieces for their homes and we thought we would share our creation with you.